Maxwell Render for Google SketchUp is now free

Maxwell Render for Google SketchUp is a self-contained plug-in, which enables artists to use its rendering features from within SketchUp and SketchUp Pro without the need for a full licence of Maxwell.

Today Next Limit Technologies has announced that Maxwell for Google SketchUp is available for free or as a licensed version for only $95 (75€).

Why Maxwell for Google SketchUp?
  • Easy to set up - just install the Maxwell for Google SketchUp standalone plugin
  • High quality “real-time” rendering (immediate feedback in the renderer for scene changes)
  • Fully integrated into SketchUp- no external render applications or interfaces to learn
  • Self contained standalone package with its own custom designed render engine
  • High Definition resolution (for the licensed version)
  • Free materials: Access to use thousands of free Maxwell materials (MXM files)
  • Compatible with Windows and OSX

For more information on Maxwell for SketchUp, visit here

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