Foundry Ocula 3.0

Visual effects software developer The Foundry announces the latest release of its stereo plug-in toolset for Nuke

OCULA is a unique collection of plug-in tools for NUKE that solve common problems with stereoscopic imagery, boost productivity in post production and ultimately help deliver a more rewarding stereoscopic viewing experience.

Problems addressed include:

  • Colour matching - fixing differences introduced by polarisation and mirror rigs
  • Vertical alignment - correcting vertical offsets introduced by mismatched camera rigs and keystoning
  • Focus matching - fixing focus differences between cameras by deblurring and view reconstruction
  • Interaxial shifting - altering the interaxial distance baked into a stereo pair by rebuilding views
  • Retiming - stereo motion vectors for retimes with correct stereo alignment
  • Disparity generation - for automating and speeding up day to day compositing tasks including automated roto view generation, convergence manipulation, depth channel generation, material QC and more.

The Foundry’s CEO Bill Collis comments,

The Foundry aims to innovate in the area of high end visual effects and invests heavily in research and the support of emerging industry trends. Ocula was developed in conjunction with customers facing the reality of delivering ambitious live action stereo projects. There is no other tool like it on the market. It also reinforces Nuke, with its native stereo workflow, as the only real choice when compositing stereo 3D.

more information here!
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