IBL Optimizer V1 for 3dsmax2012

4IBL Optimizer V1 allows you to use Images Based Lighting at 3dsmax2012 to composite real HDRI´s with Computer generated Objects.

New Options
  1. IBL Mode off/automatic/light/approximate
  2. Ligting Cache
  3. Resolution
  4. Scale 
  5. Shader Samples


1.  IBL Mode off/automatic/light/approximate
  • The native IBL rendering is enabled by setting this option to a value other than "off"
  • The mode"light" targets accurate results and will converge to the correct solution, albeit slow when using traditional shaders with strong, sharp glossy components.
  • The "automatic" mode is the suggested way of working, by providing a reasonable compromise between speed and quality. Its internal implementation may change between versions of mental ray. Currently, it corresponds to "light" with additional usage of theenvironment lighting cache, to gain overall performance at the expense of final quality.
  • The"approximate" mode is targetted at fast results but delivers a biased, physically inaccurate result. It is intended for interactive applications rather than final quality renderings, and can be tuned with special options. It implies the use of environment lighting cache and environment lighting shadow "solid".
      2. Ligting Cache
      The environment is sampled and baked into data structures for accelerated lookup during rendering, see resolution. This setting determines if a regular texture is used, or a special cache providing optimized access. In the case of a texture, enabled with off, the usual texture lookup machinery is used, which includes standard filtering of the texels resulting in a smooth environment. If the cache is enabled with on, this filtering is not performed except for the directly visible environment. With extremely low environment lighting resolution settings, sharp texels may be visible in reflections. On the other hand, the cache will reduce noise. The impact will be more obvious with high contrast environments, low resolution, or scenes with mainly diffuse surfaces. The default is off. 3. Resolution
      The environment is sampled and baked into data structures for accelerated lookup during rendering. Higher resolution results in better quality but requires longer construction time and more memory. Lower resolution will lead to less detail like softer shadows and highlights even for strong hot spots in the environment. Note, that this setting is also relevant for iray. The default is 512.

      4. Scale
      The illumination coming from the environment is multiplied by this factor, or by the color if individual r g b components have been provided. The directly visible environment is not affected. The default is 1.0.

      5. Shader Samples
      Specifies the number of samples to take per measurement in the pre-process. If the resolution is very low, this value can be used to increase the sampling quality of the environment to avoid losing lighting information by potential misses of small hot spots. Note, that higher values increase pre-processing time. This setting is also relevant for iray. The default is 2.

      See Tutorial here: http://www.infinity-vision.de/page/ibl_mode

      Download: http://www.infinity-vision.de/uploads/IBL_v1.mcr

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