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Check out the Mari Tips Video by Weta Digital on The Foundry Channel

Mari: Useful hotkeys

Useful hot keys for on-screen pop-up tools - colour picker, shelf, and image manager pop-ups.

Switching brush tips

Using a shortcut to switch between your last two brush tips while painting so that you do not have to keep selecting brushes manually.

Choosing colors

Setting the foreground & background colours and using the colour swatch picker

Smart Selection

How smart face selection works and how to use it to select areas on your model.

Saving selections

Creating & using selection groups with different aspects of the model, can be done on a per-face, per-patch or per-object basis to help isolate the areas you want to paint.

Kinds of selection

Explains in more detail the differences between the 3 different types of selection mode (face/patch/object).

Copy and paste between patches

How to create quick textures on your model by copying & pasting from images in the Image Manager.

Locking scale in paint through

Using 'Pan Lock' and 'Scale Lock' to help when using images with the Paint Through tool, keeping the image in proportion to your viewing transformations when zooming into the model or panning to different areas.

Showing and hiding palettes

Using the 'Home' key to hide Mari's palettes from view, allowing you to see more of your model.

Transforming the paint buffer

How to transform the paint in your canvas before baking it down onto the model.

Painting hotkeys

Using hot keys to switch between different paint tools - Paint Brush/Eraser/Paint Through.

masking edges
Using shortcuts to show/hide and activate/deactivate the edge mask to help painting your model.

Fixing lights to cameras

Differences in illuminating your model by either fixing lights to the camera or fixing lights to the scene.

Painting straight lines

How to paint straight lines whilst interactively painting.

Options picking colours

Different methods for picking colours.

Shift Click to draw straight lines

How to paint straight lines from point-to-point using the shift key.

Convert channel color depth

How to change the properties of the channel - changing colour depth and RGB/RGBA.

Brush Tips Shortcuts

1. Using hot keys to edit your brush tips on-the-fly, change opacity, radius, rotation and squash value.
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