free versions of Vue 9

"Dry Season in Nasa" by Psz3d

E-on software has released two free versions of its Vue 9 landscape-generation product range.

The Vue 9 Personal Learning Edition is a non-commercial version of e-on’s high-end products, Vue 9 xStream and Vue 9 infinite. Although not time-limited, scene files saved in the PLE are not compatible with other versions of Vue. Network rendering is disabled, and the renders the software generates are watermarked.

Download Vue 9 PLE here

The Vue 9 for 3D Artists Trial Version is a demo of e-on’s lower-end products, Vue 9 Esprit, Vue 9 Studio and Vue 9 Complete. In an rather belt-and-braces approach to preventing piracy, the trial is not only time-limited and save-disabled, but offers a limited range of features and content, and restricts renders to 640 x 480 resolution.

Download Vue 9 for 3D Artists Trial Version here

via CGChannel
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