Mtv Bicentenario 2010.

The 'Bicentenario' has been the most important MTV Latinoamerica' project for 2010, and was broadcasted in Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Colombia, countries which are celebrating this year their 200 years of independence

* Director's Cut
** The Audio has been specially produced for this web site and it hasn't been used originally by Mtv.

Directed by:
Art Director:
Pablo Alfieri
Animation Director:
Mariano Farias

3D Design & Concepts:
Pablo Alfieri
Characters Illustration:
Gabriel Fermanelli
Montage & Edition:
Mariano Farias
3D Modeling:
Gabriel Fermanelli & Sebastian Livingston
3D Animation:
Mariano Farias, Hernán Estévez, Leonardo Garcia Franchi & Sebastian Livingston
3D Rigging:
Gabriel Fermanelli
3D Lighting & Rendering
Mariano Farias & Pablo Alfieri
Compositing & Postproduction:
Mariano Farias, Hernán Estévez & Leonardo Garcia Franchi
Inés Palmas
Santiago Lazarte (DeSant)

MTV Networks Latin America
Creative VP:
Sean Saylor
Creative Director:
Juan Frontini
Director / Original Concept / AD:
Camilo Barria Royer
Co-director / Original Concept / asst:
Ana María Gutierrez
Creative coordinator:
Josefina Briem Stamm
Production management:
Paola Carabelli

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