Dubai 06 April 2010 - Ashraf Ghori and Xpanse CGI Studio announced UAE's first computer generated Sci-Fi film 'Levity - Xero Error Minus1' will be premiering at the Gulf Film Festival 2010 - On April 10th & 11th.

LEVITY - Xero Error Minus1
World Premiere at Gulf Film Festival 2010.

Dubai festival City APRIL 10th & 11th

LEVITY - Xero Error Minus1 is U.A.E’s first Computer Generated SciFi film. It will become part of a series of CG films in the ‘Xero Error’ universe.

These films are planned as events in history that are witnessed by the time traveling cyborg hero XE7. LEVITY - Xero Error Minus1 will be premiered at this year’s Gulf Film Festival in April and various other international film festivals. Its international premiere is planned for Cannes Film Festival in May.

Created, scripted and directed by Ashraf Ghori, this 8 minute film was produced by Xpanse CGI an animation studio based in Dubai Media City. The voice acting for this short was provided by 9 Dubai-based talents, with a team of 7 behind its production. it took 4 months to complete the production.

Director Ashraf Ghori began initial groundwork on Xero Error two years ago and has since gained a steady fan following for Xero Error from 88 countries worldwide. Xpanse CGI plans on a full length Xero Error feature film which will be announced at a later date.

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Ashraf Ghori wrote:

"LEVITY - XERO ERROR MINUS 1 [Press release write up]

It gives me great pleasure to announce UAE's first computer generated Sci-Fi film 'Levity - Xero Error Minus1' will be premiering at the Gulf Film Festival 2010 - On April 10th & 11th.

It was late in 2007 when I first came up with the concept for Xero Error, a simple idea which is quickly growing into one of the most happening projects in Dubai. With encouragement and support from talented individuals from Dubai and abroad, Xero Error came into being. After many months of dedicated struggle and all-nighters we are thrilled to reach the finish line for the first Xero Error film, Levity: Xero Error Minus1.

We are very confident “Xero Error” will develop into a thriving franchise in the UAE and abroad with future plans for a feature length movie.

I speak for myself and the team, when I thank you and all the supporters we have garnered from 88 countries worldwide who have shown us constant support and encouragement from the time we initiated the project in 2008."

Ashraf Ghori

About the Director

Ashraf Ghori is an artist and CG film maker based in the UAE from 1975. He had a professional start from childhood doing artwork for Young Times magazine [Khaleej Times] and other publications.

During his academic years at University of Houston in the early 90s, Ashraf produced comic books for national publications and was a featured artist at the 1994 Dallas Comicon.

Returning to Abu Dhabi in 1994, he worked as a laser show animator and eventually moved on to independent 3D animation. He was involved in the documentary “Unveiling Dubai” in 2004. Ashraf was selected as a jury member for the Kuwait Arab Advertising Awards in 2006/07and worked on the short film “Arabana” as Associate Producer. He founded Xpanse CGI in 2007 and embarked on his most ambitious career project to date. He began production on a 3D animation Sci-Fi film, Xero Error. It is the first of its kind from the UAE and already receiving critical acclaim throughout the entertainment world.

Xpanse CGI is the emerging face for animated films in the Gulf. A fusion of creativity & talent positions Xpanse as the premiere provider of quality animation work in Dubai. With a portfolio ranging from TV Commercials, architectural animation & visual effects, Xpanse now broadens its horizon to include CG films to its list of credentials.


In the future Artificial intelligence [AI] is superseded by Natural Intelligence [NI].

The story centers on XE7, a cyborg on a journey through time sent by VIRTUAL GEOGRAPHIC, a major scientific conglomerate of the future responsible for the time travel program code-named Xero Error. His main function is to record lost history and in his introductory appearance on the big screen, XE7 is present to witness an unexplained event in time.

Slick eye-catching production and a compelling storyline define LEVITY - Xero Error Minus1

Short. Genre Science Fiction.
Run time 8 min. | An Xpanse CGI Production

Cyborg / Time Messenger | Xero Error
The first successful time travel experimental cyborg which uses ‘Natural Intelligence’ (the next generation advancement for ‘Artificial’ Intelligence). This NI enables XE7 to adopt human concepts & opens his senses to the unknown.

XE7 can shoot arcs of electricity as a defensive mechanism. He has a ’skin’ that can mimic surroundings using micro nanite displays and heals itself if wounded. He also has super fast reflexes and enhanced senses. He is a formidable weapon in combat situations with expertise in 313 forms of combat.

XE7 has an on-board computer called ACYD, who doesn’t always agree with him.

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